How much is Easy Books?

Early on, we decided the app should be available for everyone to try, so the app is available for FREE and comes with enough features to get started. Because not all businesses need the same thing, we've split the features of Easy Books into different pricing options.

The app is sold worldwide, and the prices for each plan are shown in the app in your local currency.

You'll need an Easy Books Online Account. If you do not have one already, you can create an account from within the app, or register at Your account page shows the pricing of each plan available and your purchase history.

Easy Books used to be sold as a selection of "add-ons" for a one-time fee. In December 2016 we moved the app over to subscription pricing for new customers. Customers who paid a one-time fee are able to use Easy Books without paying for a subscription.

For more information about pricing, see our pricing page.

Previous purchases

For existing customers who purchased add-ons for a one-time fee, we are honouring all past purchases. You'll still need to register for an account, whether you decide to pay for service is up to you.


We are offering access to our support system to customers with a subscription or with a purchase in the previous year.

Why was the change necessary?

Easy Books entered the App Store in 2009. It's really a different product now compared to seven years ago. Over the years we've added new features and worked on improvements to the user interface to make it easier and quicker to use. Since then it's grown more powerful and more popular, with more and more people using it every day.

We want to see the app improve and be more capable as time goes on. Thanks to feedback from users, we have a long list of suggestions which will make Easy Books even better. But to do this we need ongoing revenue in order to pay staff to:

  • Work on bug fixes
  • Provide compatibility updates for new versions of iOS and macOS
  • Make improvements and add new features
  • Answer customer support questions

Subscription pricing will eventually give us a monthly income proportional to the total number of customers. With our costs proportional to this figure, it seems fairer and more sustainable. By charging subscriptions we can continue to build a successful long term business.

For full details about this change and what's on offer see