Assigning expenses to a client's account for reimbusement

"Is there a way to assign or link expenses that I have to pay, to a customer account? For example, say I need to purchase something for a customer and would like to bill the customer for this charge. How would I do this in Easy Books?"

There isn't a formal way to do this in Easy Books. But the following technique might help.

I have created an expense account for the client, so let's say I called it Client A Expenses. When I make purchases on behalf of the client, I don't record them as normal, I put them all in using the Client A Expenses account instead of splitting them up into different expense accounts. This keeps a tally of the amount I am owed back from the client and gives me a handy list to see each individual entry.

I create a sale later where I record the labour charge, and add a split to show the expenses separately. I record the income for the expenses I'm charging into a different income account, called Client A Exp Charged.

After that, you would probably want to transfer the income in the Client A Exp Charged into the Client A Expenses to zero the balance ready for the next invoice. This step is optional, but I think it gives a more accurate picture of the true turnover of the business (excluding the expenses).